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Specialty Industrial Labels 

Chemical Resistant Labels

For labels requiring resistance to harsh chemicals and cleaners, it is important to thoroughly examine the application. Types of chemicals, temperature and time of exposure are all factors to be considered in the construction of the label.

Several facestocks and laminates provide superior stability. However, the majority of failures occur with adhesive. BarScan offers adhesive solutions to address specific chemical requirements and eliminate label failure. It is very important to sample and test different adhesives in the actual environment where the label will be used. Chemicals can react with the solvents in the adhesive and cause flagging or complete failure

High Temperature Labels


  • PC Board Tracking

  • Wire Wraps and Insulators

  • Automotive Parts Labeling

  • Electric Motors and Transformers

  • Industrial Processing

  • Gaskets and Shields

  • Chemical Process Industries

  • Appliances

  • Flame Resistant Applications

  • Through Hole and Surface Mount


BarScan offers high-temperature labeling solutions ideal for on site labeling applications. Our labels meet ANSI standards for print contrast signals and minimum reflectance ratios for bar code print quality


These labels utilize a coating that protects the image from abrasion and cleaners. Different facestocks are utilized to resist temperatures upto 1250 C. Our labels show less than 0.1% shrinkage after exposure to high temperatures. Plus, we offer adhesives where low outgassing properties are required.

Paint Booth Labels

Keeping track of a product through a painting or coating process is a challenge. Clear laminating films have long been used to protect bar code images from assault by chemicals and abrasion. BarScan has devised a way to use these clear films to serve a different industrial requirement. Process tracking can be accomplished without loss of integrity of the data due to label changes or loss in the paint cycle.
BarScan durable polyester label is placed in a location not easily detected. The laminate acts as a paint mask and can be painted over. When the product emerges from the drying room, a small paper tab is left under one edge of the laminating film allowing the laminate or mask to be easily removed. It is positioned not to interfere with scanning. When necessary, this tab can lift the film from the face of the label to allow scanning after it has been painted. In many cases, the laminate can be put back down to allow for additional cycles. If the tracking label is meant to be a permanent part of the product, the masking laminate can be placed over a permanent laminate to give lifetime protection to the data.

Gas Cylinder Labels

Gas cylinders must be tested regularly and maintained properly. Automatic data collection using bar codes to uniquely identify each cylinder is the surest and most cost-effective method to track testing and maintenance of cylinders. The bar code label is the foundation of this system and must be as tough as the environment in which the cylinders live.
Inventory control of gas cylinders takes on a special significance due to the safety issues involved with maintenance and testing. Whether they are to be used in a sterile, medical environment or on a welder's mobile service truck, they must be able to withstand tremendous pressures and rough handling. This product has been designed for and tested in numerous gas cylinder applications. Because of this label's ability to resist fading in UV light and be unaffected by moisture, it is an ideal method to permanently code gas cylinders.
The BarScan gas cylinder label is a crescent shape allowing it to conform to the curved shoulder of the cylinder so application is easy and wrinkles and gaps are minimized. Initial application of the label is crucial to its long-term survival as wrinkles and gaps can cause failure
This label features a film laminate that resists yellowing and cracking for years. It offers protection from physical abrasion and scuffing. Cleaning solvents and harsh chemicals do not affect it, ensuring a clean scannable image for years of accurate reads.
The polyester facestock is impervious to ultraviolet light and temperature extremes. Oil, grease, solvents, caustic cleaners and acids have no effect on it. This high contrast white opaque polyester film facestock is specifically designed for use where high-density labels are required for harsh temperature and humidity environments.
The bond strength of the hi-holding acrylic adhesive increases as a function of time and temperature. Humidity has minimal effect on the label performance. When properly applied, labels are not adversely affected by exposure to UV light. Immersion in water has no appreciable effect on the bond strength. After 100 hours at room temperature, the bond actually shows an increase in strength

Blood Bag Labels

  • Diagnostic Equipment labeling

  • Process tracking of laboratory testing

  • Blood bank labels, piggyback and American Blood Commission ID


BarScan is a leading supplier of blood bag identification labels & has developed a specific polypropylene / Paper label construction for application to PVC blood bags which can withstand autoclave or freezing process & is tamper proof, has been approved by the blood industry
This piggyback construction, with or without an overprint varnish, is used extensively in blood bag labeling


Adhesion to glass and the ability of a label to wrap around a small circumference test tube or vial, are critical in laboratory applications. We use adhesives suggested for their excellent bond strength to glass, good low-temperature properties where vials are frozen and good resistance to label flagging. The polypropylene facestock gives the label extra flexibility to wrap around curved surfaces.

Circuit Board Labels / Polyimide Labels


  • High-Temperature

  • Harsh Environments

  • Printed Circuit Board Identification

The PC board tracking label uses ink that would not fade in the wash cycle and an adhesive that would not let go in the full immersion cycle. BarScan even met the challenge of developing a label that survived aqueous cleaning solutions. Now BarScan newest PC Board label is better and costs about half as much as the original.
Two methods are used to protect the image during use. The most effective method is a 1 mil opaque polyimide laminate. However, since polyimide films are costly components, this method is also the most expensive. The second method is a UV-cured coating applied over the image. This product offers protection under all production conditions but can be scraped away with effort.
The laminate used on BarScan PC Board / Polyimide labels seals the image under translucent film on a pigmented film facestock. BarScan’s PC Board labels feature a 2 mil polyimide facestock that withstands temperatures up to 500°C. The adhesive designed to perform up to 500°C. The adhesive used is a high-temperature adhesive specifically designed for use on printed circuit board bar code labels and aerospace applications where low out gassing properties are required.
These labels meet ANSI standards for print contrast signals and minimum reflectance ratios for bar code print quality. They can be used for short periods (minutes, hours) at temperatures up to 500°C and for intermittent longer periods of time (days, weeks) up to 149°C (300°F). The nominal thickness of components is 5.5 mils. Total tolerance, however can be ± .5 mil. The labels do not show shrinkage after exposure to  above mentioned high temperature for 60 minutes

Tyre Labels
  • Tyre Plant Manufacturing and Tracking

  • Tyre Warehouses

  • Tyre Retread Tracking

BarScan tyre labels survive the harsh conditions of tyre manufacturing from the green state to the finished product.
The image of this label is protected from both caustic solutions and acids. It also resists abrasion and will not yellow in the heat of vulcanization. The special adhesives used have high initial tack, heat resistance and an affinity for green rubber. These labels cure permanently to the tyre & can withstand the rigors of automotive tyre usage without falling off & the barcode label is readable to track tyre related warranties.

Sanitaryware Barcode Labels


BarScan Technologies is India’s leading supplier of Ceramic labels & Water slide barcode decals for Sanitaryware.The barcode image on these decals is printed using specialized ceramic thermal transfer ribbon. The barcode image gets transferred onto the surface of the sanitary ware and does not burn off even during the firing stage where the temperature is 1250 degree Centigrade for 13 hours.

Barcode Labels for CR / HR Steel, Aluminium & Glass (CRT)


BarScan Technologies is India’s leading supplier of barcode labels suitable label for use in the heat treatment process of glass  and metal like Hot rolled & Cold rolled Steel, Aluminium etc. that can be used in temperatures ranging from room temperature to 800°C. Used in manufacturing glass and metals. It is baled after application for strong bonding to glass or metals. For example, the CRTs Cathode Ray Tubes) that are used in televisions and computer displays pass through heat treatment processes reaching temperatures in excess of 400°C and washing processes where they are exposed to not only strong acids and alkalis but also water.


The barcode labels are stuck to the glass of CRTs. These then generally pass through a water or chemical washing process after which they are baked in the heat treatment process. The result is that the design on the labels is transferred as a ceramic film onto the CRT.




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