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Case Study

Indian Airlines:

Solutions offered
: Indian Airlines needed to track through out their supply chain where each cargo consignment is at all times, who booked it, and where it is to destined to whether it matches with your booking slips etc. We developed an efficient barcode based integrated cargo systems designed to meet these objectives. These cargo tracking and reconciliation systems use computer-generated tags and readers to track baggage location within the Airport, at the gate, and on the plane, and match all loaded cargo bags with consignment booking slips. BarScan cargo reconciliation and tracking system-uses wireless RF barcode scanners to read cargo tags. The interface displays status in real time and allows users to audit information. In the event that the cargo must be removed from the aircraft before departure, it can quickly be found and identified with 100% accuracy, using wireless RF scanners connected to the centralized database.

Minda Group of Industries (Auto Parts & Ancillaries)

Solution offered
: Data Collection Advantage dramatically enhanced the value of Mindarika Ltd BAAN ERP system by providing it with a continuous flow of accurate, real-time data. This maximizes your ERP investment and guarantees that reliable information is where you need it, when you need it. Turnkey Solution based on Customised middleware software interfaced with BAAN ERP & RFID / bar-coding to automate material receiving, Raw Material / finished goods warehouse management, Finance Bill passing, Monitor / Trace & Track work in progress was implemented.

LG Electronics Ltd. / Tecumseh products India Ltd (Hermetic Compressor assembly division)

Solution Offered:
Customized software for Production & packaging application of hermetic compressor assembly division. A special heat & chemical resistant barcode label is applied at initial stages of production and to monitor & Track work in Progress this compressor barcode label is read/scanned at intermediate stages of production by automatic laser barcode scanners installed on the compressor conveyor belt & interfaced to our customized software which generates the necessary production MIS reports & packing list. The Relevant production data from our customized software SQL database is than uploaded onto their ORACLE ERP.

Revolution in Tyre Identification

Solution offered:
An innovative solution offered to the Indian tyre Industry. Automatic identification based on bar-coding of different model Tyres manufactured, for stock analysis and to track warranties associated with the tyres. (A Specially engineered polymer label with bar-coded information printed on it fuses into the green tyre rubber compound at the time of vulcanisation).

Indian Railways:

Solution offered
(Pilot project): BarScan-EMS line of wireless technology products (i.e. Transportation RF Tag-Mounted on wagons / locomotives & RF Tag readers installed at strategic pts. Like railway junction, yard, fuel lane, and maintenance facilities) electronically identifies and monitors rail and intermodal equipment. This allows the railways to track and monitor wagons effectively, which increases wagon use and reduces re-handles, dwell time and overhead. BarScan-EMS systems are also used in Automatic train positioning systems.


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