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Anticounterfiet Solution 

Security Label Details

Security Code

Counterfeiting and fraud cost industry billions in preventable losses every year. BarScan offers several types of security label options from the newest SecurityCode feature to the time honored destructible vinyl label. All options provide increased security and help minimize theft, counterfeiting and fraud.

Space Saver

Space Saver can be utilized with any bar code symbology, interleaving the human readable within the bar code. The Space Saver feature allows the label to be smaller, saving space and reducing cost, or makes the bar code scanning target larger without increasing the label size.


AmericaCode labels embed the American Flag, or company names and logos, within any bar code symbology. This allows for instant identification of American made products as well as company recognition

Ultra-Violet Ink

Digitally imaged and invisible Ultra-violet ink provides a unique covert benefit only visible with a black light. Unlike most printed invisible ink, your printed data can be variable. With this feature, labels can be printed sequentially or with a variable image such as logos, security marks, or covert markings.

Security Label Styles

Destructible Vinyl

Situations exist where a manufacturer wants to prevent certain data from being removed from the product. Destructible vinyl is a synthetic material ideal for this situation. By design it is, very tedious to remove. Accidental chipping or gouging of the label does not compromise the entire surface and it is unaffected by humidity.
Destructible vinyl is the mainstay of label stocks used to prevent a label from being moved after application. Destructible vinyl is manufactured with no "grain" to the material, causing easy tearing. Labels manufactured from this vinyl cannot be removed and reapplied without complete destruction.


This label can enhance the packaging design of your product, however its main function is forgery protection. These labels cannot be copied successfully.


Labels with black overlaminating film make it impossible to discern the information on the label with the naked eye. Special infrared scanners can easily read bar codes through the black film. This construction is ideal for black cables creating a virtually undetectable label for tracking tools or other capital assets.

Tamper Indicating

These labels are die cut so removal of the label destroys the integrity of the label and prevents reapplication


By using a clear polyester film, printing "void" in a clear solution, then coating it with a white ink and white adhesive, the label can be removed intact, but leaves a message indicating tampering. The word "void" appears on the label and on the surface from which it was removed.


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