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Specialty Industrial Labels 

Gas Cylinder Labels

Gas cylinders must be tested regularly and maintained properly. Automatic data collection using bar codes to uniquely identify each cylinder is the surest and most cost-effective method to track testing and maintenance of cylinders. The bar code label is the foundation of this system and must be as tough as the environment in which the cylinders live.
Inventory control of gas cylinders takes on a special significance due to the safety issues involved with maintenance and testing. Whether they are to be used in a sterile, medical environment or on a welder's mobile service truck, they must be able to withstand tremendous pressures and rough handling. This product has been designed for and tested in numerous gas cylinder applications. Because of this label's ability to resist fading in UV light and be unaffected by moisture, it is an ideal method to permanently code gas cylinders.
The BarScan gas cylinder label is a crescent shape allowing it to conform to the curved shoulder of the cylinder so application is easy and wrinkles and gaps are minimized. Initial application of the label is crucial to its long-term survival as wrinkles and gaps can cause failure
This label features a film laminate that resists yellowing and cracking for years. It offers protection from physical abrasion and scuffing. Cleaning solvents and harsh chemicals do not affect it, ensuring a clean scannable image for years of accurate reads.
The polyester facestock is impervious to ultraviolet light and temperature extremes. Oil, grease, solvents, caustic cleaners and acids have no effect on it. This high contrast white opaque polyester film facestock is specifically designed for use where high-density labels are required for harsh temperature and humidity environments.
The bond strength of the hi-holding acrylic adhesive increases as a function of time and temperature. Humidity has minimal effect on the label performance. When properly applied, labels are not adversely affected by exposure to UV light. Immersion in water has no appreciable effect on the bond strength. After 100 hours at room temperature, the bond actually shows an increase in strength

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