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Software Solution 

Labeling Software

BarScan Technologies offers advanced labeling technology with premier software. Both packages can meet your complete bar code and label printing needs, from basic shipping labels to complex industry compliance labels such as General Motors' GM1724 standard:

Wireless Terminal Emulation & Remote Session Management

Thin Client Terminal Emulation and
Advanced Terminal Session Management

Stay-Linked™ from eBusiness Solutions Pros, Inc., is a complete thin client RF/Wireless Terminal Solution for host-based 5250/3270 and VT100/220 applications.

  • Client2Host™ architecture features host-based emulation sessions
    • No fat- or thick-client emulators residing on and taking up space on wireless devices

    • Telnet Server and Telnet Client are on the same host system, managed by the Stay-Linked host server software and remote controlled by the user from the wireless terminal runninging Stay-Linked "thin client" software

    • Stay-Linked vs. device-side emulation...

  • No more lost or orphaned sessions
    • Stay-Linked resides on the server, so even if a device has gone down (dead battery, out of range, network issues, etc.), it is reconnected automatically at the precise curser point where it left off!

    • No manual termination of orphaned sessions by IT Administrators

    • No lost data

    • Users do not have to restart sessions or redo work

  • Effortless remote management with ATSM (Advanced Terminal Session Management
    • Fully integrated GUI console application for centralized help desk support staff to view, monitor, manage, control and share any active user sessions and configuration settings

    • Both the device user and the help desk person are looking at the same session running on the host in real time

    • Transfer a user's session from one device to another (e.g. from a dead device to a healthy spare unit)

  • Faster data transmission speeds
    • "Micropacket" technology enables more reliable delivery of data

    • More efficient use of low-bandwidth or high-utilization network connections

    • Fully encrypted transmission packets no larger than 512 bytes

  • Solid security
    • Compatible with standard RF security schemes

    • Utilizes a dynamic-symmetric 64-bit key, stream-cipher symmetric encryption algorithm to encode its UDP-based Client2Host™ data packets (no Telnet or TCP exposure)

  • Centralized licensing
    • Stay-Linked is licensed based on number of concurrent device connections accessing the host system, not per device as with other terminal emulation software

    • Replace or add new devices without expending additional funds for licensing, as long as the total number of connected device users is within your licensing agreement

    • Easier to upgrade to new technology

    • Replace legacy or competing technologies quicker and easier

Deployment & Development Technologies

BarScan Technologies has core technical capabilities with a variety of development tools to tailor software to your specific application:

    • WLAN Infrastructure

    • RFGen

    • Terminal Emulation

    • HTML

    • Microsoft® Visual Studio

    • Screen Reshaping

    • WWAN

    • .NET

    • Wireless Infrastructure Management

Data Environment Expertise
    • Development & integration across full spectrum of data storage technologies

    • RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems)

    • ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method)

    • Distinguishable skill sets using Microsoft® SQL Server

    • Stored procedures

    • Triggers

    • Database replication

    • Data source conversions and transformations

    • XML (Xtensible Markup Language)

    • Inter-application data exchange


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