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Specialty Industrial Labels 

Barcode Labels for CR / HR Steel, Aluminium & Glass (CRT)


BarScan Technologies is India’s leading supplier of barcode labels suitable label for use in the heat treatment process of glass  and metal like Hot rolled & Cold rolled Steel, Aluminium etc. that can be used in temperatures ranging from room temperature to 800°C. Used in manufacturing glass and metals. It is baled after application for strong bonding to glass or metals. For example, the CRTs Cathode Ray Tubes) that are used in televisions and computer displays pass through heat treatment processes reaching temperatures in excess of 400°C and washing processes where they are exposed to not only strong acids and alkalis but also water.


The barcode labels are stuck to the glass of CRTs. These then generally pass through a water or chemical washing process after which they are baked in the heat treatment process. The result is that the design on the labels is transferred as a ceramic film onto the CRT.




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